Online dating on when you have strong Christian beliefs

When you are Christian, online dating can be complicated if you have strong Christian beliefs. To most daters, the idea of dating means having an intimate relationship, even if this is not a short-term occurrence and takes longer than dating for daters who do not have strong religious beliefs. For a Christian with strong Christian beliefs it is against the word of God to have sex outside of marriage. Many daters do not want marriage when they are online dating. This can obviously create problems and misunderstanding if Christians are on a general online dating site. If you are a Christian and you have a profile on there is more of an understanding about Christian beliefs.

Dating a Christian on has many advantages as you can expect loyalty, honesty and kindness as we as Christians are called to display these qualities in our relationships with people. If you are both strong believing Christians on, the lack of intimacy can prove to be a challenge for both of you as culturally in a western society dating means having sex. Many mature daters on have been in relationship before and some are suffering from heartaches and are very sensitive and scared of being hurt again. However as Christians we believe that the Lord will make a way for them in their life and that they will meet a fellow Christian who has been set aside for them by The Lord.

- We serve a wonder-working God.
- He is our way maker, our miracle worker, and our promise keeper.
- He keeps turning lives and circumstances around.
- He keeps bringing light into darkness and He mends our broken hearts.

Verse:   Exodus 15:11

‘Who is like You, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like You, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, DOING WONDERS?’

PRAYER: Lord, I declare that You are my way maker, my miracle worker, and my promise keeper. You perform wonders and miracles on my behalf. There is no one like You, and I will trust and be strong in You. Amen. So, is where Christians can feel comfortable dating other Christians who share the same beliefs and desire to be holy and follow the Lord by living according to the word of God. If you are a dating Christian then create your dating profile on

Online dating on when you have strong Christian beliefs
Christian Dating
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