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Many daters are considering eating less meat and turning more to a plant diet. Social media and television documentaries have made many daters aware of the treatment and the plight of animals and the problems that our world is facing. is seeing an increase of daters who have decided to live more compassionately and have safer plant diets. Many celebrities are very vocal about the cruelty that factory farming causes and this has had an influence on daters who are keen vegetarians.

This isn’t a coincidence, my plant-based friends are concerned about the compassionate side to eating, the health issues created by eating meat and also the warnings about the planet and the fact that some scientists predict that the next pandemic caused by the unhealthy and terrible conditions in the meat industry could be far worse than COVID-19. This means a shift in the world’s food producing environment, the restaurant industry and entertainment industry. It also means with more daters deciding to only eat a plant diet and to live in a kinder and more sustainable manner there will be a change in the dating and social environment too. Vegetarian and vegan daters are making choices to change their lifestyle and because of these changes it is farv easier to date like-minded vegetarian and vegan daters on

COVID-19 seems to be changing the world in more ways than we first thought. There are pictures online and on the media of animals wandering freely in towns and cities while human animals are in lockdown. This will gladden the heart of many animal lovers. An increase in veganism worldwide is a staggering change and it’s pretty obvious that more and more people are moving toward a plant- based lifestyle. This means that restaurants have had to be innovative to cope and accommodate this rising dietary change as many burgers and dishes on the menu are having to change to vegetarian and vegan options. COVID-19 is going to make many daters consider a vegetarian option as meals become lighter and healthier.

Many daters are enjoying the feeling of eating lighter and more easily digestible vegetarian options as more mature daters are considering their lifestyle fitness and dietary choice to promote future health. Making an educated, conscious choice to swear off meat and dairy altogether is much easier now and there has definitely been an increase of shoppers buying plant based milk rather than the diary milk. If you have chosen to live kindly and become vegetarian then you can find your companions and dates on

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