Believe that your dating life on is in the Lord’s hand

Verse:   John 14:18
‘I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.’

The Lord will never abandon or leave you. You are never alone, so trust that you are not working things out in this life on your own, as long as, you are praying and following the Lord. The fear of abandonment can be one of the most distressing fears in life, especially as you might be coming out of a broken relationship that leaves you feeling lost and alone. However, when we are walking with the Lord, we never need to have such fears. He will not leave you, no matter what your circumstances may look like.

Looking for a Christian relationship on sets the standard that you are seeking a Christian partner and that you should both have the same principals on life. If you are a regular church goer and your relationship with the Lord is important to you then you will want to be evenly yoked with a similar believer so that you can share your beliefs and grow together in a Christian partnership.

PRAYER: Lord, You are here, right here, right now, with me. You have come to me, and I can hold onto You, and You will hold onto me. You will never leave me, nor will You forsake me, and my future is secure, because You are with me. Amen.

Believe that your dating life on is in the Lord’s hand
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