After a successful first date on

The first few days after a successful first date are very encouraging and a good boost to your self-confidence. You have a spring in your step and your heart feels lighter. Of course, as things move on you may start to have some doubts that set in. This can be worse if you don’t have any contact with your date from If you haven’t heard from your date is it ok to contact them? Maybe a simple comment that might rise a smile and a laugh, like. I am still smiling, fancy meeting again? This is not an intrusive message and is friendly without being pushy.

If your date likes you a message like that is not going to put them off and it will be a relief to hear from you. It keeps the momentum going and after all that is why the dater is on Also, a friendly contact message puts the ball in your date’s court and will give you a good idea about their feelings and if they call you then it is a great boost to your confidence and will put the spring back in your step. However, do not be too forthcoming as it can be off-putting. Being friendly and subtle is the key to successful dating on You have to be careful with playing hard to get as leaving it too long means that they may forget about the successful date they had with you because the momentum from your date will have started to fade.

Wait a day or so, not to be manipulative but to give yourself a chance to calm down and think of something friendly and non-intrusive to say. If you’re still in that immediate post-date excitement, you might gush and sound too nervous or. That would be a mistake as this is an important second stage . Waiting a day or two lets them look forward to hearing from you it also shows that you have a life that doesn’t depend on them, it you don’t want to appear needy or put them under pressure. Keep busy so you are not tempted to call them and don’t forget to check for messages on

After a successful first date on
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